Air Driven Liquid Pumps

High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps

Sprague offers a variety of air driven pumps designs, each with specific pressure ranges and design configurations to meet the demands of the high pressure pump market.  Additional options available: seal options with the severe service JB seal, non-lube air-drive seals, separation, and manual operation.

The Sprague positive-displacement pump converts air-drive pressure into hydraulic discharge pressure.  The pump uses low pressure air or gas to drive a large area piston, which then drives a small area liquid piston that produces high hydraulic pressure.  As the ratio between the air drive piston and the liquid piston increases, higher pressures can be achieved.

In operation, the Sprague pump reciprocates rapidly until the system's liquid pressure nears the desired level, as determined by the air regulator setting, and then slows to a stop when the liquid discharge and air-drive forces reach equilibrium.  This liquid-air balance is maintained indefinitely in a holding condition with minimal energy consumption and with no increase in fluid temperature or parts movement.  The pump will automatically restart if the liquid discharge pressure degrades or the inlet air-drive pressure is increased.

The Sprague pump is an efficient, time tested design that provides users with cost-effective and energy-saving benefits.

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