Stauff: Developing and manufacturing components and systems for the installation of pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other flexible and rigid components.

Stauff ACT Clamp (anti corrosion type): Material and design in compliance with section 7.3 (Tubing Installation) of the Norwegian offshore standard Norsok Z-010 (Revision 3, published in October 2000 ), API RP 552 and NACE SP 0108-2008 (section 13). The proven design meets with the NORSOK Z-010, states “The tubing clamp shall, when installed, not allow for water / seawater to be accumulated between tubing and tubing clamp on wall, this is to avoid crevice corrosion.

Clamp body made of flame-retardant PPV0 plastic material; tested and V0 classified according to UL 94. Integrated ACE anti-corrosion elastomer strips avoid the accumulation of seawater between clamp body and tubing. Drainage channels aid the dispersal of seawater. ACT Mounting Hardware is made of Stainless Steel V4A (Material Code: W55) with enhanced corrosion resistance by practically excluding metallic and non-metallic impurities during production, processing and handling.

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