Our customers require the highest quality subsea components for safe and efficient operations. We deliver.

Experience gained since 1987, successfully designing and manufacturing valves for operation directly immersed in sea water, has been applied to develop Bifold Fluidpower‘s extensive range of technically superior subsea valves. Designed to operate reliably on fluids with contamination levels g reater than NAS1638 Class 12, these true fails afe valves bring you the options for reducing sub-sea control module size, weight and costs, and put worldbeatingperformance atyour command.All Bifold Fluidpower products are manufactured to a most stringent QA programme. Every care is taken at all stages of manufacture to ensure that every product will give optimum performance and reliability. We are recognised to EN ISO9001:2000. Functional test certificate, letter of conformity and copies of original mill certificates, providing total traceability are available on request, to BSEN 10204 3.1.B whereavailable.

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