Flowtec offers high end products to the energy market. We represent international leading manufacturers in the areas of fittings, tubing, instrumentation, valves and filtration technology.


Flowtec supplies a complete liquid-handling package which includes pumps, instrument valves, metering systems and control equipment.


Flowtec can supply "one-off" specials as per customer requirements. With our substantial stock of products we can deliver within a minimum of time.


Comprehensive Customer Support - from design and project planning to installation, commissioning, technical training and follow-up services.

Our high level of quality comes from the organisation's paramount resource: A motivated staff of highly qualified and trained employees. Flowtec is always at the forefront wherever there is a demand for technological know-how, quality and service, and will continue to focus it's attention to provide: On-time delivery The most satisfied customers.

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Flowtec AS Signs Up with Bifold Fluidpower Ltd.

Ask us about Sandvik tubing in following materials: 316SS/254 SM0/Sandvik SAF 2507!

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